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Temporary Autonomous Art London 2012


This year's London TAA will take place on

31 October – 3 November 2012

More info and the eventual venue location disclosure on:


This is an open-access art event in an autonomous space.

Weds: opening night
Thurs: cinema  
Friday: cabaret & spoken word
Sat: live bands & kids-space
Workshops & debates
each weekday 7pm-9pm
Exhibition and refreshments throughout
Flyer with full programme soon!

London location
revealed on: 07092 805720 & 07092 846566

All artists, performers, musicians, speakers & general helpers
are welcome and encouraged to actively take part!
More info: www.randomartists.org To get involved: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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An introduction to TAAs

 My first TAA came as somewhat of a suprise to me, some of my raving mates said they were taking part in an underground art thing in a pub near Smithfields and asked if I fancied showing up and lending a hand, so I did. I showed up and found the pub a bustle of activity, someone pointed me to a darkish cellar, where my mates weren't, so I wondered back to the door and got chatting with the chap who was collecting donations from the viewing public. It turned out he had better things to do and so within minutes of getting there I was in charge of the door, and the donations tin. 

At first, using my societally trained brain patterns this seemed insane, why would you trust some bloke you hardly knew with such responsibility based purely on him saying he knew some crew of ravers? But in the horizontally organised world I was entering, what mattered was who was up for doing what and the fact that I volunteered was enough. 

I've been to lots more TAA since then, and the best ones are always like that first one, a mad chaos of frenetic activity in a random building, for a week.  A mix and blend of peeople who get on by cooperation and discussion (sometimes quite heated) rather than through structure and hierarchy. Noone tells anyone what to do, but there's plenty to be done, and most often enough willing hands to do it. 

As the TAAs became more regular in London the Random Artists weren't quite so random any more, they knew each other, and had formed into groups, structure was appearing from the choas. Whilst I'd hesitate to say that this was per se bad it did seem to mean people slipped back into more hierarchical modes of behaviour, waiting to be told what to do, rather than seeing what needed to be done and just doing it. 

Fortunately people in the group realised that this was happening and two things happened, one was the creation of collectives who wished to do more structured and curated art exhibitions and the other was the exporting of the TAA concept to other cities. Both these strategies seemed to work, but the former was a step away from the TAA. The latter tho worked wonders, the TAAs that then took place round the country were full of that productive chaos. 

The art produced and shown at TAAs may be better or worse than other art, I'm sure an infinite number of critics will be along to debate it shortly, but the excellent thing about a TAA is the feeling of freedom it engenders in the participants. Whilst you may have a good experience if you go to a TAA, you sure to have a lifechanging experience if you help run one.


The mini F.R.E.A.K



A mini FREAK event over the course of a weekend. A free and autonomous arts space for artists and non-artists alike to come together.

11am – 6pm, Arts Complex, St Margarets House, Meadowbank, Edinburgh, EH8 7TG


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Temporary Autonomous Art

Temporary Autonomous Art Events and Exhibitions were born in London in 2001 to the Random Artists collective. Taking influence from Temporary Autonomous Zones that believe in building fleeting pirate utopia's, TAA utilises DIY culture tactics to create space for art and expression outside of the establish artworld elites.  Reclaiming and reusing derelict urban spaces TAAs host a hotbed of emerging arts crossing all disciplines, fusing and collaborating between traditional and contemporary media. The artwork has a dark and ominous undertone, whilst sharing a hope and beauty unified through the use of free space.

After several years of building successful and growing networks of artists and audience in London, the Random Artists collective began to tour TAA exhibitions to Eastern Europe. Over the years we have been to Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Berlin, Italy, France and Spain.

In 2004 Random Artists helped the Insurgent Arts collective to facilitate a TAA in Bristol, it exploded and they began their own regular events. Since then Manchester (Forbidden Arts), Edinburgh (Free & Reactive Edinburgh Arts Kollective - FREAK) and Brighton (Subterranean Art) have bloomed their own arts collectives and have held successful TAA events. The TAA network is a growing family and new groups are always welcomed.

Random Artists and a host of other TAA participant collectives have also worked together on Ground Zero – an electronic arts show at the 2004 Liverpool Biennalle, Fuse - a multidisciplinary collaboration and The Plot Thickens I and II – two exhibitions based on a short story, as well as presenting a short archive of work at the ICA.

The united UK TAA network is hoping to work together for the first time in 2009 to create the Temporary Autonomous Festival, an extension of the indoor events, creating a gallery of truly public ownership.


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